Rodolfo Cosimi

Rudy Cosimi carries in his genes the whimsical streak typical of his family. Nice, generous, quick-witted and quick-talking, he has an artistic streak which he expresses in the labels and names of the excellent wines he produces in his cellar. As the Bionasega , which mocks the trend of organic wines with Tuscan irony.

«Let me be clear, I am not against organic products. Let's rather say that I make fun of what in many cases seems to me to be just a marketing gimmick. But everyone is free to make wine as they like. In my cellar I follow the classic style, I do everything by hand and the result can be felt in the bottle."

The history of Poggiolo, where Brunello di Montalcino and Toscana Igt Bionasega are born, begins exactly 50 years ago.

«My father Roberto bought 65 hectares very high up (a characteristic that gives the wines elegance and excellent acidity) in an area one km southwest of Montalcino in 1971. He purchased the land with the money he had saved by selling agricultural machinery , the activity to which he dedicated much of his life. When he made the first bottle of Brunello in Montalcino we were only 28 producers. For dad, the idea of ​​being able to produce his own bottles was important. I proudly carry on his work, trying to create an increasingly refined and pleasant artisan product. Which, I'm sure, will please lovers of wines from the Montalcino area."